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QuadSport LT-Z400

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  • Fuel-injected liquid-cooled 398cm3 DOHC 4-valve engine featuring usable low-to-mid range output together with robust high-range power feel.
  • Advanced fuel-injection system using sophisticated controls makes for accessible low-to-mid range power and a linear, sport-ride-suited output.  It also contributes to easy starting and more stable power under a wide range of conditions and better fuel efficiency.
  • A 12-hole fuel injector provides fine atomization for efficient combustion.
  • Double wishbone front and linkage-type rear suspensions deliver highly progressive response for natural, neutral handling and comfortable rides.
  • Piggyback-reservoir shock absorbers front and rear contribute to superb handling.
  • Fully adjustable front suspension preload and compression damping; fully adjustable rear suspension preload and compression and rebound damping.
  • The Suzuki flagship sport ATV QuadRacer R450-inspired cutting-edge look, highlighted by an aggressively poised front end and edgy-shaped fenders.
  • User-friendly riding position designed to offer optimum freedom of movement during sport riding.
  • High-tensile steel-alloy frame designed pursuing the rigidity balance that contributes to realizing accessible high performance.  Highly rigid rectangular-section seat rails.
  • Wide 960mm front track contributes to a well-poised handling feel.
  • Footrests with wide 46mm steps help make weight shifts easier for better sport-riding convenience.
  • Suzuki’s original T-shaped seat, shaped to help facilitate rider weight shifts and also for a smooth match with the edgy overall styling.
  • The QuadRacer R450-inspired compactly shaped front bumper help save weight.
  • Front dual disc brakes.  Adjustable front brake lever.
  • Single rear disc brake.  The rear brake master cylinder is frame-mounted to simplify seat-rail removal for maintenance convenience.
  • Purposeful single 40/40W detachable single headlight.


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