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  • Latest Model RRP: €16950 Previous Model RRP: €15,950
    Hayabusa GSX1300R Supersport

    The Suzuki Hayabusa, quite simply, isn't for everyone. With performance credentials that have established it as the most exciting sportbike on the planet, it's designed for serious sport riders who will settle for nothing less than the best. If that's you, and if you choose to ride the Hayabusa, you'll be rewarded with a riding experience you'll never forget.

  • Latest Model RRP: €18450 Previous Model RRP: €14,950
    '08 RRP: 11,950
    GSX-R1000 AL

    PERFORMANCE, INNOVATION, DOMINATION GSX-R1000, the most powerful, hardest accelerating, cleanest running GSX-R ever. It is also the lightest and most aerodynamic GSX-R1000.

  • Latest Model RRP: €14,550
    GSX-R750 Supersport

    When you ride a GSX-R750 you have the privilege of riding a legend. It's championship-winning sport bike that not only ushered in the era of racebike replicas - it's also set records that will never be broken. On the road or on the track, the GSX-R750 delivers a riding experience that is a breathtaking combination of outstanding engine performance, crisp handling, compact size and light weight.

  • Latest Model RRP: €10950 Previous Model RRP: €11,350
    '08 RRP: 9,950

    A TOP PERFORMER IN ITS CLASS The GSX-R600, designed to be the Top Performer in its class. A total package designed to own the racetrack.


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