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Latest Model RRP: €11,450
Previous Model RRP: €10,950
Available in 33bhp Restricted Version: €400 extra
Insurance Group: 12

The  GSR750  is a new kind of naked machine: one that combines dynamic styling,  749cc  performance and an exhilarating, sporty ride with each component carefully designed to work perfectly and add to the  GSR750’s  impressive presence. With strong lines running from nose to tail and impressive specification, the unique chassis incorporates the best qualities of a compact tubular  streetbike  frame and the pin-point accuracy of a twin-spar  sportsbike  frame. Riding on KAYABA  suspension and powered by an engine derived from the  GSX-R750 , the result is a truly unique machine that offers strong acceleration from linear low-to-mid range torque and an intensely exciting ride.

GSX-R750  derived engine – Through modifications, including revised cam profiles, intake and exhaust tracts and a 12.3:1 compression ratio, Suzuki engineers have tuned the  749cc  engine to produce broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power for strong acceleration and unmatched throttle response.

More fuel efficient – With the valves set at a very narrow angle, the combustion efficiency is also improved and with cutting-edge design techniques to reduce mechanical losses, sees a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the  GSR600 .

Upside Down Forks (USD) – A design developed in racing and mandatory for any serious high performance machine, the inverted  KAYABA  front forks feature41mm  stanchion tubes and adjustable spring  preload .

Sporty handling and riding position – With a sporty riding position and a careful relationship between the handlebars, footrests and the seat, adjustable front and rear  KAYABA  suspension and a compact frame, the new  GSR750  tracks with real confidence to deliver a dynamic ride.

Exciting and unique instruments – With adjustable brightness, the instrument cluster features a prominent, easy to read analogue tachometer and a large digital LCD speedometer. The LCD display also includes a gear position indicator, fuel gauge, odometer/trip meter and a clock.

Slim mid-section – Designed to enhance comfort so that a wider range of riders can confidently get their feet on the floor.

“it certainly took the class to a new level, winning our group test and dethroning the established incumbent. A worthy winner of the all-rounder of the year award”

Mark Potter, MCN Editor

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