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  • Latest Model RRP: €13,450
    GSX1250FA GT

    A sports tourer made for turning any spot on the map into a precious memory. Whether touring, commuting or just having some fun, the GSX1250FA ST is never short on excitement, providing the rider with ample power and torque for a comfortable ride. This is the machine that defines a weekend, but can also be relied on every day of the week.

  • Latest Model RRP: €12,750

    Introducing the fully faired GSX1250FA , a natural blend of exciting power delivery and sporting comfort whether you have chosen your destination or are looking for new places to visit.

  • Latest Model RRP: €11,650 Previous Model RRP: €10,450
    Bandit 1250SA

    The classic 600cc Bandit was so successful we decided to make a family of bikes for a wider range of needs. The 1255cc delivers everything that it's little brother does, but with a little bit extra.

  • Previous Model RRP: €9,950
    Bandit 1250

    The "real" motorcycle lives on. All the character and attitude of the original Bandit is crammed into this bike along with a 1255cc high-tech liquid cooled engine that produces even more torque from lower down, achieving massive performance figures, but from a bike that loves going for many miles.

  • Latest Model RRP: €12,350 Previous Model RRP: €10,950
    Bandit 1250 GT

    Much like the 650 model, the Bandit 1250S has a water-cooled motor specially designed for the Bandit. The previous 1157 cc air/oil-cooled motor did not meet Euro 3 emissions regulations.While the new 1255 cc engine produces almost identical horse power and torque figures as the old air cooled engine, the big difference is in where in the RPM band peak torque is produced.

  • Latest Model RRP: €13950 Previous Model RRP: €13950
    V-Strom 1000

    You need two things for an unforgettable sport-adventure. The first is a road with twists and turns that lead from one spectacular view to another. The second is a bike with the performance to make the most of every mile - and there's no better machine to do that than the V-Strom 1000.

  • Latest Model RRP: €14950
    V-Strom 1000 Grand Tourer

    The V-Strom 1000 is dedicated to the simple concept that every road should be open for adventure. With its one-of-a-kind combination of features, the V-Strom is engineered to perform with style and comfort across town - or help you enjoy the excitement of a tight, twisty two-lane country road.

  • Latest Model RRP: €11,450 Previous Model RRP: €10,950

    The GSR750 is a new kind of naked machine: one that combines dynamic styling, 749cc performance and an exhilarating, sporty ride with each component carefully designed to work perfectly and add to the GSR750’s impressive presence. With strong lines running from nose to tail and impressive specification, the unique chassis incorporates the best qualities of a compact tubular streetbike frame and the pin-point accuracy of a twin-spar sportsbike frame. Riding on KAYABA suspension and powered by an engine derived from the GSX-R750 , the result is a truly unique machine that offers strong acceleration from linear low-to-mid range torque and an intensely exciting ride.

  • Latest Model RRP: €9,250 Previous Model RRP: €7,950

    Inspired by the GSX-R range, the GSX650F has the dynamic styling of a fully faired sportsbike but offers all day comfort thanks to the cleverly designed riding position. Higher handlebars offer easier handling and coupled with lower footpegs , it becomes the perfect everyday sportsbike with striking looks. A smooth power delivery and great fuel efficiency make for a truly versatile performance fit for road or track.

  • Latest Model RRP: €8,950 Previous Model RRP: €7,450
    Pre-2012 Tourer €8,450
    Pre-2012 Grand Tourer €8,850
    Bandit 650SA

    A modern classic. With its consistently smooth power delivery and user friendly features, the Bandit 650SA really does bring power to the people. A liquid cooled inline 4 cylinder engine with advanced Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection. A 6-speed transmission with hydraulic clutch, delivers smooth power and easy clutch pulls whether cruising or accelerating.

  • Previous Model RRP: €5,950
    Bandit 650

    Combining classic naked bike attitude with modern styling, the Bandit 650 is a reflection of the future with sleek headlights, styled frame covers and slim taillight. The 650cc liquid cooled engine delivers a finely tuned balance of power and torque with smooth, refined throttle response and enough punch for two-up riding. It's a suitable choice for all environments from negotiating city traffic and passing slower vehicles on a motorway, to winding down a country lane.

  • Latest Model RRP: €10,550 Previous Model RRP: €7,650
    Pre-2012 Tourer RRP: €7,950
    Pre-2012 Grand Tourer RRP:€8,250
    V-Strom 650 ABS

    In 2002, Suzuki introduced the V-Strom 1000 in a new motorcycle category, the Sport Enduro Tourer. Its running performance and packaging earned worldwide acclaim. In 2003, Suzuki released the V-Strom 650 targeting a wider range of users. This versatile model covers not only daily use such as commuting, but also weekend touring as well. With the addition of an ABS-equipped model in 2006, the V-Strom 650 has always been the best-selling model in its class. To further improve its running performance and riding comfort, Suzuki decided to develop a new model.

  • Latest Model RRP: €8350
    SV650A (ABS)

    V-TWIN FUN FOR ALL RIDERS SV650 sets the bar higher for V-Twin fun and performance, loaded with capabilities and personality, your commutes or weekend blasts will be unforgettable.

  • Previous Model RRP: €6,950
    GSR600 ABS

    A blisteringly new breed of motorcycle, the GSR600 bursts into the Suzuki range with an unrivalled package of performance, handling, technology, style and comfort. Its liquid-cooled engine is based on the race proven GSX-R600 powerplant, now tuned for a broader powerband and even more torque over the rpm range.

  • Latest Model RRP: €4,950

    With the Suzuki GZ250, there's never been a better way to get in on the excitement of motorcycling. It's designed for beginning riders to develop their skills, while offering a shot of sporting performance.

  • Latest Model RRP: €2,395

    With incredibly low running costs, modest but useful urban performance and funky retro looks, the Suzuki GN125 is an ideal about-town motorcycle or learner bike. Incredibly easy to ride, with a reliable engine and minimal maintenance, the Suzuki GN125 is forgiving and a great confidence-builder.

  • Latest Model RRP: €5475
    GW250 Inazuma 250

    The GW250 Suzuki Inazuma is the latest in our ever evolving range to meet the increasing demand a for reliable and cost effective motorcycles.


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