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  • Latest Model RRP: €Standard ABS - €11950 Executive ABS - €12950
    AN650 Burgman ABS / ABS Executive

    SYNONYMOUS WITH LUXURY Burgman 650. Control has never come so freely. Power has never flowed with such ease. Every movement feels smooth and graceful.

  • Latest Model RRP: €9,450
    Burgman 400Z ABS

    The days are gone when the choice was either a motorcycle or a scooter. Suzuki have combined motorcycle technology (for performance, stability, cornering ability and ride) with the best scooter features (convenience and weather protection) and created the Burgman 400Z ABS.

  • Latest Model RRP: €10,950 Previous Model RRP: €9,350 AL6 Model
    AN400AL8 - Burgman

    GREATER CLASS AND PLEASURE Burgman 400 brings greater class and pleasure to your journey. It fits well, like a fine handmade suit. It rides comfortably and performs like a champion.

  • Latest Model RRP: €€4975 - Non ABS ~ €5275 - ABS
    UH125 Burgman Non ABS or ABS

    URBAN SMART Freedom comes in the sporty form of the Burgman 125. Like the city itself, the Burgman pulses with originality. Find your true self in the city.

  • Latest Model RRP: €2,295

    Take a close look at this smart city mover and forget about bus timetables, taxis and unreliable pick ups from friends. Feel the freedom with a Suzuki AN125 Scooter.


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