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  • 249cc, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a bore and stroke of 66.4mm x 72.0mm.
  • An aluminum cylinder core features Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) for better heat dissipation, improving durability and weight 1
  • Redesigned the ports for more power output at low- to mid-range power, and offering increased torque at high rpm range.
  • Main exhaust port is enlarged from 42mm (1.6 inches) to 42.6mm (1.7 inches).
  • Sub-exhaust ports are shortened 1mm at the bottom and the timing is advanced by 0.5mm. These changes for better roll-on acceleration at low rpm ranges, more power output in the low- and mid-range power and increased torque at higher rpm ranges.
  • Redesigned the exhaust valves increase roll-on acceleration and power output throughout the rpm range.
  • To add to engine power, the electric CDI is remapped to be more efficient and increases power output at lower rpm ranges.
  • The engine angle is changed and is tipped forward slightly to help the machine gets more traction through the bumps.
  • Strong and lightweight frame and easy-to-remove aluminum rear subframe improve rigidity and performance on the racetrack.
  • Rectangular-cross-section aluminum swingarm produces huge weight reduction.
  • SHOWA inverted 47mm front forks provide 310mm (12.2 inches) of front wheel travel. With fully adjustable for compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload to suit variety of 1
  • The upper holder of the front fork protector is now abolished and fixed only at the bottom end to help weight reduction and less friction.
  • Piggyback-reservoir rear shock absorber is fully adjustable for high, low, rebound damping and spring preload SHOWA unit that offers 310mm (12.2 inches) of wheel 1
  • Renthal-made aluminum tapered handlebars with Renthal handlebar pad reduce vibration reaching to the rider.
  • Full-floating front Disc brake works with dual-piston caliper and rear Disc brake with single-piston caliper has high efficient brake pads.
  • Each side of the seat has textured surface for better knee gripping.


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