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How do I get a duplicate key?
Your Suzuki dealer can order 1 pre cut key. They will need the key tag # provided at the time of sale.

How do a find the nearest Suzuki dealer?
Visit the dealer locator and enter your address or a search area.

What do I do if I have a concern or problem with my Suzuki?
Contact your Suzuki Dealer

Where can I get information about Suzuki products or accessories?
Contact your local Suzuki Dealer or visit the online store

Where can I get an owners or service manual?
Contact your local Suzuki Dealer

Can I transfer the warranty?
The Warranty follows the vehicle; however your local dealer can update Suzuki’s Records.

Will it void my warranty if I do my own services or have my own mechanic do them?
No, but if the service is done incorrectly or incomplete and the cause of a failure it will not be covered under warranty. You must also save all receipts.

What if I have a problem after the Warranty has expired?
In most cases a Suzuki Extended Warranty is available to provide up to 4 years of Warranty coverage.

Are the year and model listed anywhere on the motorcycle?
Yes, the model information and date of manufacture are on an attached ID plate.


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